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Radisys – ATCA, Octeon – My Work

ATCA chasis consits of 14 slots for various blades to fit into. The various blades can be categorized as :

1200 blade: Carrier blade where in we can fit AMC 7212 (Octeon), ATM AMC.

2210 : Its the switch blade that manages the traffic in the chassis . Two set of 2210 blades are configured in shelf which operate in active-standby mode.

4300 blade: Then we have this admin blade where we can execute the platform code..

Various radisys specific paches were applied on the linux kernel (that was to be loaded on one of the core of octeon), to make it compatible with Radisys ATCA chassis.

LMP of 1200 was used to serve as host for the application that is used to communicate with ATM AMC. 1200 blade runs a PowePC based processor.

The fast path running on the Octeon, installed on the 1200 blade, carries out the task related to conversion of RTP traffic from IP to ATM.

A control application i.e. slowpath application running on the linux on Octeon controls and monitors the execution of the fastpath application.

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