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QEMU Networking Vhost-user & Transport Infiniband – series 4, recipient path

Finally got the receive path working from app2 running on server2 to VM2. Now I can see the rx stats in “ifconfig eth0” increasing for every packet transmitted to it. What was the problem: The problem was with the handling of the available ring and used ring. Its a rx case and I was treating […]

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QEMU Networking Vhost-user & Transport Infiniband – series 1, general architecture

Objective: Get the maximum performance for VM to VM communication using Infiniband backend utilizing RDMA. Design: server1 running VM1—>Usermode app running on server1—–RDMA TRANSPORT—->App2 running on server2—>vm2 running on server 2. brief description: vm1 is executed on server1 using emulated virtio-net(frontend) adapter and vhost-user backend. PACKETH runs on vm1 and generates the broadcast packet. App1 […]

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