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September, 2018

software TPM .

swTPM: SWTPM package provides TPM emulators with different front-end interfaces to libtpms. TPM emulators provide socket interfaces (TCP/IP) and the Linux CUSE interface for the creation of multiple native /dev/vtpm* devices. Those can be the targets of multiple QEMU cuse-tpm instances. https://github.com/stefanberger/swtpm, master branch. tpm2 branch for TPM 2.0 implementation. tpm-tools: tpm-tools is an open-source […]

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Interpreting MBR and calculation disk and partition sizes

Today, I was debugging a file system filter driver and noted that Windows OS generating reads for disk offsets that that were greater than size of track zero (MBR) and less than start of first partition. I couldn’t figure out what lies in this unknown area. Basically the disk that I report to OS has […]


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