Ray Of Hope

November, 2013

qemu-kvm and virtio

QEMU uses software virtualization approach and  emulates lot of host instructions . This approach has its negative impact on the speed . But now days latest processors provide hardware virtualization support and QEMU utilizes this hardware support by use of KVM modules. KVM is  a group of  kernel modules(kvm.ko, kvm_amd.ko/kvm_intel.ko) that allows guest code to […]


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VirtualDroid: Initial step port type 1 hypervisor

Selected and got my ODroid u2 board – quad core with 1 GB of RAM with UART to USB converter for debugging and a HDMI cable for connecting it to monitor. As mentioned in my previous post, I was looking for opttion i.e whether to go for type 1 hypervisor or type 2. So after […]


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