Ray Of Hope

October, 2017

Is Google – really worth it ??

Recently I attended an interview with Google and I didn’t clear and was given usual reasons. (yeah, you might think if I would have cleared I would not have written this blog post. May be you are true. But….. here is my brain dump). But the big questions that that always comes to my mind […]

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Artificial Intelligence – The real intelligence behind it.

I have been doing research in the field of AI: going through various tutorials, studying the maths behind them and writing simple programs that uses different models to predict outcome. I have been disturbed by the hype and marketing that have been associated with the term. Some uninformed people or may be companies create this […]

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dynamic scheduler that can self-learn – 2

On thinking further (based on the earlier article: http://www.justkernel.com/Blogs/?p=322), I am not sure whether what I described is just an optimization or learning. I have a data and the prediction confirms to the set of the data that I have. That is just an optimization and not learning. But what I need is some model […]

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