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My new Learnings- Chasis configuration and ATM Loopback

Today I made the radisys chasis up and also installed the AMC 7212 , AMC 2210(SCM) and RTM 5010 in the block. It was a new learning for me.

First thing that we did was to assign address to shelf manager (RTM) attached to Radisys 2210 blade. It was like 00 00 00 01 07. (It was based on the schema like installed on shelf 1 and slot 7 – 2210 was installed on slot 7).

After doing this all the components installed in the chasis like AMCs and LMPs in carrier blade, got the ip addresses of the series 10.0.<chasis id>.<slot id>.

After above step, we can telnet to individual components.

Today I also conducted ATM AMC loopback test, where IP, UDP-To and UDP–From routes were configured on the ATM AMC inserted in bay 3 of 1200 blade.

  1. The configuration was made to receive the UDP traffic from eth0 (base interface),
  2.  UDP packets gets converted to cells and forwarded to ATM Sonet Port 0. (UDP from route is configured at Sonet port 0).
  3. The cells are again sent to ATM Sonet port 1 where UDP-To route is configured which converts these cells into UDP packets and again forward to Linux PC via ATM AMC eth 0 port (base inteface) and 2210 blade.
  4. PVC is configured between ATM Sonet port 0 and ATM Sonet port 1.

Anshul Makkar, anshul_makkar@justkernel.com

Originally Posted On: 2010-04-21 01:23:09

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