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Artificial Intelligence – The real intelligence behind it.

I have been doing research in the field of AI: going through various tutorials, studying the maths behind them and writing simple programs that uses different models to predict outcome.

I have been disturbed by the hype and marketing that have been associated with the term. Some uninformed people or may be companies create this aura of exclusivity around AI to fulfill their motive to earn money. But being learner/engineer, let me tell you that its not tough. If you get to understand the the basic underlying maths and principles around it, you can easily say that its such a simple idea with great potential. eg feeding the input back to improve weights, using average to multiple models to correct prediction and lastly using large amount of data to make predictions (does it sounds tough….).

Also, the way some of the tutorials are teaching the concepts of AI and the way some of the persons are trying to learn it is just horrible. for eg in one of the tutorial, they claimed that we will teach you AI within 14 days and what they taught was just how to write programs in python and use libraries to make prediction and improve the model. That’s not even 1% of what AI is all about. There are many tutorials like this and also many engineers are using this approach to write few programs that can predict and then call themselves AI professionals.

AI is not about writing simple programs to make predictions using libraries. Its about the maths behind it. Its about the concepts and principles behind that makes it really beautiful. The main fun lies in how they use calculus, slopes, differentiation, mathematical algorithms to make predictions and self learn and this is what provides the intelligence behind Artificial intelligencee One need to learn the basic background concepts to understand the huge potential of AI.

At last I would like to say that its a beautiful concept with huge potential and its not tough. Its better to spend some time on it to understand the core of the AI concepts rather than just use some wrappers or libraries fulfill some short term goals.

I am still a learner, still new to this field and quite a lot to lear. So, I can’t claim what I wrote is correct, but this is just my brain dump.

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