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Hi All,

As you are aware I have a site www.justkernel.com which is totally devoted to learning Kernel and device driver development whether on Windows or Linux Platform. Through this site, I have always aimed to share my knowledge and experiences .

I want to take an initiative to start a project (of-course related to hardcore kernel development) where in we can share our thoughts, understanding , ideas, learning, experiences. We together as a team will aim not only to develop the project , but to learn in the process. Trust me learning will be the prime focus.

This project/initiative is not for money. Just for learning and only learning. Anyone is free to contribute. Contribution can be a small piece of code, a design idea , test case or any general organizational idea.. Every thing is welcome.

Another point I want to mention is that you don’t need to take out many hours from your daily life. Just anytime when you are free, mail your idea or small code snipped.

Brief about the project : i have two ideas

USB over IP. – Learning of USB driver and Network stack and driver
Why not start with just making small file system filter where in we can capture the buffer, transfer it over the network to another PC. Learning will be file system filter and memory management, buffer sharing and network driver.

These will be small projects.

Please if you have any better idea, do let me know..

Hoping for positive response and kind cooperation.

Originally Posted On:  2011-06-16 18:11:41
Anshul Makkar

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